The Luxe Lion is a personal style blog that aims to help readers make the most of the pieces they have. Influenced by her multi-faceted upbringing in Boston, New York and Miami, Amanda started the blog in 2013 as an outlet to share her passion for style.

In 2016, sick of the materialistic nature of the fashion industry, she tore through her closet and created four seasonal, 50-piece capsule collections fit for a year in Miami (with some traveling to chillier climates). She has since refocused the purpose of The Luxe Lion to show her readers how to do more with less... because we can all be luxe without an overflowing wardrobe.

Amanda lives in Miami, Fla., where she spends her free time exploring the city. She has experience in marketing, advertising and the magazine industry. She is currently a social media manager at a luxury beauty company when she's not busy blogging up a storm.


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