Summer Sipping w/ Coopers' Craft + House Kitchen & Bar

You may think that it feels the same year-round in a city like Miami. Hot, hot hot! I'm can tell you from lots of experience that it's absolutely not true. There's a specific day in May where it goes from hot to UNBEARABLY HOT. 

That's where a great summer cocktail comes in.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Summer Sippers event hosted by Coopers' Craft Bourbon Whiskey and South Florida Bloggers at House Kitchen & Bar in Coral Gables. Drawn by the opportunity to meet up with some local bloggers, drink bourbon and the prospect of being able to walk to the venue, I braved the heat.

Boy, was I not disappointed. There were two cocktails being featured for the day; the Coopers' Cup, a blend of ginger beer, Coopers' Craft bourbon and lime juice, and the Kentucky Luxedo, a blend of maraschino liqueur, simple syrup and bitters. Since I'm more of a clean-flavors girl, the Coopers' Cup was right up my alley.

(All photos of me taken by Vintage Unicorn)

We even got the opportunity to create our own drinks! Our extra-friendly bartender gave us a recipe and helped us blend everything just right, then sent us home with our cocktail shakers, a fun cup and some branded stationary (my personal favorite touch).

A big thanks to Coopers' Craft and South Florida Bloggers for throwing the event, and to House Kitchen & Bar for hosting us!

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