How to Shop for a Timeless Wardrobe

The biggest challenge when living in a city like Miami and being as style-conscious as I am has to be maintaining a classic wardrobe vs. a trendy wardrobe. The older I get, the more I focus on getting timeless pieces that will work (and look fabulous) whether I'm 24 or 40. Since pairing my items down to a capsule, making sure these pieces would stand the test of time was even more crucial. I can't tell you how many trendy items I officially gave the ax to. A pleather miniskirt with laser-cut detailing, a Disney-princess appropriate A-Line dress and tons of floaty crop tops hit the donation pile without a second thought.

We're not only looking for timeless, we're also looking for high-quality, which is another challenge in a place like Miami. This city runs wild with fast-fashion pop ups made with low-quality materials. As stylish as the women here are getting, you still see plenty of "less is more" looks out there (hey, it's hot, I don't blame them). If you're like me, though, and are looking to maintain an ever-stylish wardrobe, I've got some tips for you. 

Please note!! If you can't find these stores locally, chances are they have a website that you can access and shop to your heart's content.

1. ZARA: For ultr-sleek, highly structured pieces, this is my go-to. They have a location in South Beach, so I can try on and go. I always value the opportunity to see it on me before I buy it, especially if I'm trying a new style.

2. Gap: From tees to shorts, maxi dresses to denim, Gap has all of the awesome wardrobe staples you need without breaking your budget. Everything is really great quality, too, I've had pieces for years that I don't plan on getting rid of any time soon, and they look brand new.

3. Express: If you've read my blog for long, you know my deep and profound love for the Portofino shirt. It's the perfect button down that doesn't gape and looks so incredibly chic and effortless. Best. Shirt. Ever.

Their plaid is pretty great, too.

4. Forever 21: Now hear me out. Forever 21 isn't known for their durability, but if you're looking for some great tees and tanks on the cheap, this is your spot. I stock up on them whenever I come in, because how can you not for about $3 a pop? The closest one to me is in Sunset Place, but you basically throw a rock and you'll hit this store.

5. Local Shops: Everyone has a local store that sells must-have classics, and my pick in Miami is definitely Market in Coconut Grove. They sell classic pieces (and some trendy cuts) in classic, neutral colors. They also offer a wide variety of denim. Truly a gem in a sea of fast fashion.

6. Consignment Boutiques: Miami has Consign of the Times and Miami Twice, but the premise is the same. If you're looking for classic, designer goods, for less. Consign. Consign. Consign. Be it a classic Chanel bag or an Hermes scarf, getting something pre-loved gives it a little more character, in my mind.

7. J.Crew: THE place to go if your style leans more towards prep, this store is known for fun prints, statement-making baubles and classically cut clothing in a wide variety of hues and prints. If I'm looking for a pretty pencil skirt or summer-worthy shorts, I'll stop here first.

8. Anthropologie: This is my spot. I've found floor-skimming sweater vests, classic trench coats, sleek black skinny pants and to-die-for booties all under this fashion-giant's roof. While they're more well-known for their bohemian-chic style, I've been able to find tons of classics that I've reached for again and again.

9. Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor and other department stores: With so much square footage, it's hard not to find great pieces under their roofs. Whether your budget is $50 or $500, you'll find pieces that will work for you. I'm trying to follow the "invest in your wardrobe" mindset. Higher quality pieces for a little more instead of cheap pieces only good for a few wears. I can find them here.

10. T.J. Maxx & Nordstrom Rack: Department store wares for less? Yes please! I'll beeline straight for the designer sections, because if I'm going to invest in a pair of Manolos, I might as well get them for 50% off, right?

11. Levi's: My all-time favorite jeans! They are my perfect fit, and I will sing it from the mountaintops! I like going in to shop for them, because every wash fits a little differently, so I want to make sure it works before I swipe that card.

12. Madewell: Another awesome place for denim, but they also have great tees, pretty dresses and fantastic sweaters. Also, their shopping totes. Yes. Please.

13. Etsy: My go-to place for graphic tees and delicate jewelry, Etsy is a gold mine for independent jewelers. You'll find a craftsman to fit any taste, and I mean ANY taste. I've really loved heading over here to get dainty, classic gems and funny tees for a reasonable price.

I hope you enjoyed my list! Tell me some of your favorite spots for timeless shopping in the comments below.


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