Discovering My Origins

I had the most amazing opportunity to tour the redesigned Origins location at The Falls Miami, and I think it's safe to say that I'm a convert. 

I was taken around the store by their manager, Dee Dee, who told me all about their different products and lines, how they benefited each skin type and what natural ingredients were used to enhance the results you'll see when you use them. While touring around the store she also showed me the ingredients they use, which were placed around the store in vials, jars and glass bottles for customers to see and touch. All of the products smelled so good, and felt amazing on my skin, it was hard to not simply buy everything.

Dee Dee then gave me a customized skin treatment, which included two different types of masks! I have combination skin, and it was interesting to learn that different parts of your face might need different types of treatment. One mask does not fit all spots. She used the charcoal mask for my oilier and break out prone areas, and the original rose mask for my normal to dry spots. 

I admitted that I don't moisturize my skin, mostly because I find it really hard to find the right products to use and when to use them, so she created an itinerary for my daily/weekly skin care and loaded me up with products. Then she sent me on my way.

Since then I've used them religiously. So far their High Potency Night-A-Mins lotion, the United State toner and Clear Improvement charcoal mask are my favorites. The toner and mask leave my face feeling so fresh and clean, and the moisturizer is ultra luxurious and smells incredible. 

Huge thanks to the Origins team for my private tour. I had the best time.


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