Miami Favorites: Restaurants

For any of my awesome readers that live in Miami (or for those of you planning to visit), I have been compiling lists of places that I love. I love trying new restaurants, and Miami has a limitless offering to please my foodie soul. Here are some of the best restaurants I've tried so far!

Green Plate Asian Bistro

The most impressive chirashi I've ever has is at Green Plate in Doral (see above), but that's not the only thing that makes this place special. Housemade sodas that come in flavors like orange ginger ale and passionfruit are available, and lunch specials start at $7. Their happy hour deals are amazing too. I haven't gone to their brunch yet, but it's on my list of things to do.


If you're looking for the perfect parmesan truffle fries, look no further. I have dreams about these delicious babies. Ask any of my coworkers, I begged them to go to ROK:BRGR with me for a week until I was satiated.

Small Tea Co.

If I'm not in the mood for Starbucks, you'll find me at this little storefront in the Gables. With over 84 choices of tea, and a scent station so you can smell many of them, this is the perfect spot for anyone to relax, grab a book and a hot cup of tea and wind down after a full day of shopping. What you see above is a chilled white tea and mango puree blend, one of their summer specials.

Harvest Delights

I've never found a restaurant that can make Arabic food like my family. I'm really picky about my tabbouleh and kibbeh. Harvest Delights did not disappoint. Located not too far from my office in Doral, this platter was less than $10 and it was the most authentic Mediterranean I've had anywhere (besides at my father's place, of course).

El Taquito

Mexican is my go-to food. I can't get enough of it, and El Taquito on Calle Ocho really delivered. The tacos are really inexpensive, made right in front of you and taste oh so amazing. I could have eaten another plate of them! They have another, smaller location in downtown Coconut Grove, so now I don't have to travel far to get amazing tacos in my life.

Coyo Taco

I know what you're thinking. MORE tacos, Amanda?! 

Yup! This Wynwood dive is worth a shout out because they also have amazing tacos (thank you, Miami) but it also has something really special to offer. At around 9 p.m. you walk through a door in the back, down a long hallway and you'll enter a windowless, secret bar. 

The room is dimly lit with moody candles and the bar features the freshest jalepeƱo margaritas and daiquiris garnished with popsicles. What's not to love? When you've had your fill at the bar you can wander back over to the restaurant and soak up the booze with some tacos.


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