16 Fall Wardrobe Essentials: Clothing

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Burgundy. Black. Beige. 

Those are the three colors that scream fall to me, and so it's no surprise that's reflected in my picks for the season. What you'll also see are the (recurring, despite what magazines would have you think) trends of army green, fall florals and leopard print. All warm, all inviting. 

Living in Miami, layering isn't an easy thing to do. So it's essential to keep everything lightweight. Shorter skirts, flowing structures and barely-there sleeves make celebrating the autumn months easy to do (even in the tropics); while a leather jacket, cozy sweater or lightweight trench will give you the option to layer without turning into a puddle.

Some of these items already make an appearance in my wardrobe, but some of them (like that darling maxi) have hit my "Must Buy Right Now" list.

Stay tuned for my accessories edition next week! In the mean time, tell me what made your fall 
must-have list?


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