Local Tourist- Old Miami Favorites

Mandolin Aegean Bistro- My aunt took G and me here a couple years ago, and I've always wanted to go back. There are so many good restaurants in Miami to discover, though! If your tastes air on the Mediterranean side, this is the place for you. The highlight was the appetizer plate (I can eat an entire bowl of green olives to myself) and the Turkish coffee. It's the perfect spot to lounge and catch up on life while soaking up the atmosphere.

PAUL- Who wouldn't want to visit a place that sells giant raspberry macarons? I've come here multiple times, and this French café doesn't disappoint. I'm a sucker for pastries and coffee, but people like G will love the croque monsieur.

Whisk Gourmet- I can never say G doesn't know me. Any place that serves up shrimp n' grits (with bacon, of course) and a killer glass of sweet tea in a bell jar has my heart. Comfort food just feeds my soul! Located close to UM's campus, I highly recommend this for a fun brunch.

The Coral Castle- Head South to Homestead and you'll find a very large, very strange looking castle. Misshapen furniture, viewing holes to the stars and large sculptures of planets and moons adorn this manmade structure. A man named Ed Leedskalnin built the entire castle by himself with primitive tools. Friendly tour guides will take you throughout the area and explain each carving to curious museum-goers.


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