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February was a rough month for me, this bouquet made it a little better.

I'm lucky enough to occasionally wander around Palm Beach during working hours. That's when I get to see things like these beachy umbrellas.

Look at this adorable little house! Who wouldn't live here?

My mother was getting highlights done at our favorite salon, so after some gown shopping I dropped by to say hello.

My mothers friend from Monaco visited us, bearing gifts from the Prada gods. Not only did she have amazing taste, but she's also extraordinarily down-to-earth. Something very rare in a person that can afford to buy others Prada.
"You just bought me my first Prada!" I exclaimed, wanting to bear hug her with gratitude.
"It won't be your last," she laughed.
"Only if you can afford it!" My mother interjected, my constant reminder of common-sense.

Right after my dose of luxury, G and I headed for an experience that was a little more grounded.

As if life couldn't get more fun, this giant chess board amused me until our work fête began.

G and I grabbed my favorite key lime pie after dinner in Pineapple Grove. The maitre d' could tell that I'd been there before, because we asked for the slice to-go.

March, the month of fun, continued with a visit from my recently married friends (I just posted shots from their wedding). We wandered around Morikami Museum and Botanical Gardens and they kindly took some photos for me. Here's a behind-the-scenes shot from Josh.

What better way to wrap up an Asian-themed day than with dim sum? Buddha Sky Bar & Buddha Garden has become my new favorite with their 1/2 priced dim sum Sundays. All the better to split with friends.

My mother celebrated her 51st yesterday, so we celebrated with an awesome Chantilly cake from Publix and lots of champagne. The ladies couldn't believe I found the cake at our local supermarket.

I'm still dreaming about the matcha green tea Pocky from Morikami. Thank goodness it's a drive down the road to get my fix.

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