What It Means to Be Happy

The beginning of 2014 was an emotional rock-bottom for me. It seemed like nothing was going right, like the universe was out to get me. I didn't know how to pick myself up and start again. I'd lost any sort of optimism that I had in college, and I wasn't convinced anything was going to work out for me.

That's when a friend told me about #100HappyDays, a project that helps participants focus on the good in their lives. I chose to do my Happy Days on Twitter, and if you've been following my account you'll see daily photos with the hashtag, #100HappyDays. 

It took a little while for me to really see the benefits, but after about a month I saw a huge shift in my attitude. I no longer allowed the bad things that happened to control me. I was better able to accept the negative and move on. I focused on the good during the day, or creating good in my life, instead of waiting for it to happen.

You know what, it works. Once you start actively placing happiness into your every day and choosing to see the good that happens, you actually feel better about your situation, and your ability to always make your life better.

Some highlights from my 100 days include:
1. Getting a new Mac.
2. Going to the Renaissance Faire. 
3. Going to my first polo brunch.
4. Trying a new style on for size.
5. Opening my horizons by trying things I'd never dream of.
6. Meeting my out-of-town friends for drinks.
7. Taking a roadtrip to Cassadaga with a friend, and meeting up with some old friends.
8. Having the opportunity to see my grandmother a lot before she passed.
9. Also having the opportunity to see my other grandmother make her transition from New York to Florida.
10. Going to LIV with an old college roommate, free of charge.
11. Attending RAZON's launch party in Miami.
12. Going to Mellow Mushroom and Terrapin's beer and menu tasting.
13. Free admission to Sunfest!
14. Saying goodbye to a best friend with good food and good people.
15. Obtaining my grandmother's many, many accessories. She'll live on a little in my wardrobe.
16. Getting to add lots of shoes to my closet, as well!
17. I discovered a new Mexican restaurant in my town, mariachi band and all! It was fantastic!
18. We got a dog!!

While I knew that I'd, of course, have some fun, what I didn't count on was how important my relationships would become. They were what my happy moments revolved around. The more people I let in, the happier my memories were. 

Now that it's ended, I already want to do the challenge again. This time, I might do it on Instagram. I'm going to give myself a break for a little while, then get back on the horse and get even happier!

Want to participate in #100HappyDays? Sign up at their website: http://100happydays.com/!


  1. Wow that challenge sounds awsome :) Great that it worked out so well for you!

    1. It was so much fun! I can't wait to do it again. xo


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