A Little Inspiration for May

Photo via Sea of Shoes
Happy May, everyone! There's something about this month that I just love. Even though it's getting hot in Florida, I remember the smell of the air in New York in May and June. It smelled like earth, new grass and clean water.  

Photo via Saucy Glossie
I think most of the bloggers I follow are feeling the same way. Pastels, light and lacy pieces and pretty floral prints are all coming into play in the outfits that I'm seeing.

Photo via Southern Curls & Pearls
There's just something so wonderful about spring. I think everyone feels a sense of renewed inspiration, and a desire to play with pieces that are a little more feminine. 

Photo via Wendy's Lookbook

All of these bloggers blow my mind with their ability to pull such amazing looks together. I just want to steal their closets! They're the reason my shopping list never ends.



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