Spring Must-Have: A Classic Trench

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I think it's so important to invest in the staples to create a well-rounded wardrobe. Since Spring is here, I'm finding that the trench is a must-have! 

Florida is especially rainy now and in the summer, so a lightweight, water-resistant trench goes a long way in this kind of weather. See, there are even excuses to wear coats in Florida! We're not always decked out in flip flops and shorts (a combination I, admittedly, don't sport very often). I've been lusting after this Gap trench for about a year, and I think this is the season that I'm going to finally snag it for myself.

While I really love this navy color, I'd have to go for 'oak' first, since it's a more versatile light brown. The color is just beautiful and goes with absolutely everything. I bought a gray wool trench for the cold winters in New York, and it quickly became my go-to. It was both slimming and warm, creating a really lovely silhouette. I felt very chic next to all of the New Yorkers in black puffer coats! 

For a gorgeous example of trench styling, I always turn to Blair Eadie, of Atlantic-Pacific. She has always been a huge style inspiration of mine, I can't get enough of her looks!

Image from Atlantic-Pacific.


  1. agreed! so classic! xo


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