Last Week: Revisited

Hello everyone!

Here are some favorite Instagrams of mine from last week. A few are from my trip to Epcot, which was hosting the Food and Wine Festival. We got to sample food and drink from a ton of countries. My favorite thing that I noshed on was a lamb chop with mint pesto and potato chips from the Australia booth. My favorite drink was the Oktoberfest beer in Germany. Both can be seen below.

I went up to Orlando to see a friend and attend her engagement party. Ironically enough she is from New York, and when I moved up there last year she was getting ready to move down. We've been friends since we were seven, so it's nice to finally be in the same state again. On my last day there we went dress shopping (sorry, can't post photos of that!) and grabbed some sushi before I made the two and a half hour trip back to Palm Beach. 

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  1. That mini lamb chop looks delicious!


    1. Oh was it ever! I was sad as soon as I finished it, I wanted another!


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