My dress is from Franchesca's and the cuff and necklace are from Nordstrom. Those killer shoes are from ShoeDazzle.

There's nothing better than celebrating, and my amazing best friend, Rebecca, got engaged in May. As expected, I suited up and headed to Orlando for the engagement party. Following a day of food and drinks in Epcot, we raced home and got ready for the party.

We drank, laughed and ate some more until 2am, when I gave in and headed straight to bed. The group probably played 50 rounds of Heads Up! Naturally, Rebecca downloaded the "Adult Content" category, so we spent the rest of our evening giggling like middle schoolers over the answers. I don't think I'll ever fully mature when I hang out with these girls. 

My other friend, and fellow bridesmaid, Amy said it perfectly, "We may not hang out with each other all of the time, but we're undeniably soul mates." I think that's profoundly true. Amy and I have seen each other probably a total of 20 times (if that), and yet she feels as close to me as people I see multiple times a month. Some people you don't have to see all of the time to have an unshakeable bond.

We're only missing Adrienne, though we sent funny photos to her the entire night, and that would complete the quartet. 

Until next time! My next post will be another outfit, promise. 



  1. Aw I love this post! I totally know what you're talking about by not needing to see somebody all the time, but being soulmates. My best friends live so far away, I miss them terribly and rarely see them. However, we're still as close as two people could be and when I see them we pick right back up where we left off.


    1. It's so important to have people like that! One of my best friends is all the way up in New York, and I miss her all of the time. No matter how much time goes by though, we always pick up like it's been a day!


  2. Sounds like such fun celebrations :)



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