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Summer Stripes: An Obsession

When I originally took these photos (months and months and months ago) I was prepared to gush about this jumpsuit. My summer staple! I'd call it. I'll never have to pick a brunch outfit again, I'd say.

Waiting for that "but"? You should be. BUT the stupid thing fell apart after ONE WASH. This has happened to me multiple times during the Spring/Summer, I can't believe what horrible quality I'm seeing from stores I wouldn't expect (and fantastic quality from others that I'd never thing would last). 

In case you're thinking, "It's gorgeous! I need it!" It's from the GAP, but I'm going to link to a different one for you to try out below... because no one should have to fork over money for a sub-par garment. 

Just looking at it makes me want to race out and buy another one. I've learned my lesson, though. This style/pattern, different store. I've also been really let down with a bunch of ZARA blouses that I've got…

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