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Urban Cowgirl

Back to summertime capsuling! The wonderful (and exceptionally weird) part about coming around to a capsule you've already been through a year ago is that you see some pieces you can't wait to wear again and some that you realize you can't wait to get out the door.

I'm happy to report that there's not a whole lot I was willing to get rid of (some of you may have seen my recent closet purge on IG Stories), so the denim vest, dress and espadrilles are all keepers from last year. The hat is a new addition... because I've decided I should become more of a hat person. They add a ton of interest to an outfit without a whole lot of effort.

It's also a fabulous addition during this crrazzzzyyy Miami heat we've been having. Bless those rainy days, though, because it takes the temperature to the low and mid eighties. These shots were taken during a day that felt more like 1230985432 degrees... not that you can tell because my photographer is the best. I was actu…

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