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Best Things to Do in NYC During a Quick Trip

Hey Amanda, isn't there snow on the ground in this picture? Are people wearing coats? Isn't it currently JULY? 
Why yes, you're correct on all counts. 
That's because my life is insane, work is crazy (awesome) and the last thing on my mind has been blogging. Sorry about it... kind of. ;)
I'm back now, promise. I'm here with some travel tips too, because my travel bug has bitten REAL hard, and with an upcoming trip to the city that never sleeps I'm in the mood to talk about some must-sees. Also, it's #TravelTuesday and I must always be on hashtag theme. 
So... where did I go and what did I do during my three-day February (yes... February) trip?
Yeah I'm basically summing that all up together. The New York Public Library, Grand Central and Bryant Park are all must-sees... and so is a walk up 5th and down Madison. Don't forget to stop in Central Park for a quick trip to the zoo. Ah, childhood memories.
Café Zaiya
I saw a fellow Instagrammer …

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