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New Puppy!

Hello again! It's been a while. How've you been doing? Me? Well, life for the last six months has had it's ups and downs, but in truth it's mostly been ups. Why?
We got A PUPPY!
When G and I first talked about getting a pup all our own, we were thinking a Corgi. We have a thing for Cowboy Bebop, and we were going to name him Ein just like the dog from the show.
A harder look into breeds, however, made Gus suggest a Shiba Inu, Japan's most popular breed and one of the best breeds for apartment living. The exercise demands for a Corgi are high, and Shibas are far less demanding when it comes to how much of a workout they require. 

Once I'd met a Shiba, back in August, I was convinced. It had to be mine. I became obsessed, a woman on a mission, all that mattered was finding the right dog. We found a breeder near Gainesville, sent a deposit and hoped our baby would arrive soon.
By December, there was still no word on when a puppy would arrive, and G started scouri…

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